PCUAE License

Project Carousel USB Anniversary Edition(PCUAE) by Spannernick,

Idea by Spannernick, Carousel USB Chooser by FaberfoX(Carousel Gamelist Changer on THEC64),

Fake Update by jj0, cyanic and raxrip who created the firmware unpacker/packer that makes this possible on THEC64,

Load Carousel Games from the USB Drive using Carousel Gamelist Changer and have different carousel gamelists on TheCarousel(THEC64 Only at the moment),

JIFFYDOS 6 is included,

C64 SID Music playing in the background, plays different SID Music on each Carousel Gamelists on TheCarousel C64 0 to G, H to R and S to Z(THEC64 ONLY).

This is free for non commercial use – NOT to SELL

THEC64 Mini, THEC64, THEVIC20, THEA500 Mini – Copyright(c) 2022 RETRO GAMES LTD – https://retrogames.biz

IF you feel you want to help me out and give me a Monster Energy or a cup of Tea –https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/PCUAE

You can use PCUAE Manager to manage your games on the Carousel and store them, import/export them from/to the PCUAE USB Drive(THEC64 ONLY).

PCUAE Manager on Website – PCUAE – Manager Download link

PCUAE WIKI is here, it should answer any questions you might have about PCUAE.

You can change to different Modes(Emulators) on THEA500 Mini in PCUAE only but can not add games to its Carousel like you can with THEC64, RGL(Retro Games Ltd) have built the carousel this way on purpose so you can not add games to its carousel, proberly cause they are thinking about how much money they are making from THEA500 more but thats why they made the machines in the first place, to make money from it and I gusess to make sure they do not lose money, I would not care if anyone moded it cause it helps selling it, like what happen to the PS Classic, hacking made it a better console and users started to buy it cause of Bleemsync.

ANYWAY….PEACE PEOPLE… 🙂 and Enjoy using PCUAE.