THEA500 Basic Edition v3.5.0

THEA500 Basic Edition v3.5.0
THEA500 Basic Edition v3.5.0

Here you can download.

  • THEA500 Basic Edition v3.5.0

It contains.

  • PCUAE v3.5.0
  • AMIGA Mode v3.5.0
  • WHDLoad Package

And thats it you cannot add modes to it it wont work but you can add AMiNIMiga and AGS2 (v2.51)

and only use updates that are disigned for THEA500 Basic Edition.

Have fun. Gr Wizart and Spannernick 🙂

It only works on THEA500

All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 6.5 GB
Version: 3.5.0
Published: 4 February 2024