PCUAE Basic Edition Update v4.3.0.4357

PCUAE Basic Edition Update v4.3.0.4357
PCUAE Basic Edition Update v4.3.0.4357

Here you can download.

  • PCUAE Basic Edition Update v4.3.0.4357

It Updates.

  • Update: – Some Splash screen updates.
  • Update: – Updates a boot file.
  • Update: – Fixed shortcut key buttons.
  • Update: – Updates Mode Remover.
  • Update: – Updates RA Mode Remover.
  • Update: – Updates first boot mode so its automaticly updates autoboot.  Done this because its updated.
  • Update: – Updates Boot Menu with CTRL+Delete. It starts Restore Toolkit v2.0 at Boot when invoked. you can run it like you do with bios on PC Laptop at boot Just hold CTRL and Delete with boot and it will invoke it Or Use on THEJOYSTICK – menu and Left TRfire Button. (THEC64). Or Use on THECXSTICK – menu and Ring Up(TOP) Button. (THE400) Or Use on THEGamepad – menu and B Button. (THEA500).
  • Update: – Autoboot script.
  • Update: – Updates Restore Toolkit v2.0 so its more easy to use.
  • Fix: – Fixes scroot error in restore toolkit.
  • Fix: – Fixed issue where restore toolkit could flash wrong machine code.
  • Update: – Updates Mode remover with WHDLoad Games so you can remove it safely.
  • Update: – Enables amiberry 5.6.1 support for AGS2 from paul vince.
  • Update: – Updates few issues with AGS2, AMiNIMiga Mode and runs both amiberry versions.
  • Update: – Enables amiberry 5.6.1 support for AMiNIMiga from ami-jimmy.
  • Update: – Updates experimental firmware on the atari 2600 plus to latest version 1.1x-r3.
  • Update: – Updates welcome message restore toolkit v2.0
  • Fix: – Missing Flag in PCUAE Setup, PCUAE Reset, and PCUAE Update
  • Fix: – Issue with keyboot keyselectors (basic edition only)
  • Fix: – fixes random music on THEC64 family
  • Update: – Updates restore toolkit makes it more easy to use.
  • Update: – Updates restore toolkit with some extra options.
  • Fix: – Fixes keyselectors so they work with different machines and joystick configurations.
  • Update: – Few fixes and bugs.
All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 25.1 MB
Published: 30 May 2024