PCUAE Update v4.1.1.223

PCUAE Update v4.1.1.223
PCUAE Update v4.1.1.223

Here you can download.

  • PCUAE Update v4.1.1.223

It Contains.

  • Update: – Updated splash screens
  • Update: – Add option setting menu on/off shortcut key splash at boot – Fixed now
  • Update: – Fixed shortcut key buttons.
  • Update: – Updater with new modes
  • Update: – Mode remover with new modes
  • Update: – Added Modes to DOS Short Cut Key selector (atari 2600+)
  • Update: – Added Modes to Playstation  Short Cut Key selector (atari 2600+)
  • Update: – Updates Controler database joysticks and gamepads.
  • Update: – Updates splash off the cxstick
  • Update: – Updates Autoboot script ( please select yes when the setup asks you to update autoboot script )
  • Update: – Updates Settings Menu.
  • Update: – Few more bug fixes


Updated dos mode too you can redownload the mode
it fixes issue with putty 🙂

All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 2.69 MB
Published: 17 April 2024