PCUAE – AIO64 v3.3.6

PCUAE – AIO64 v3.3.6
PCUAE – AIO64 v3.3.6

Here you can download.

  • PCUAE – AIO64 v3.3.6
  • NEW! Oneload Collection v5 Added
  • PCUAE Network mode all models
  • Amiga Mode
  • Atari Mode. – (ST mode Included)
  • RA Mode – (RetroAami For THEA500)
  • Linux Modes.
  • Vice Mode.
  • ScummVM Mode. – (THEA500)
  • AGS and AMiNIMiga can be added (you need to download it from its sites
    And add it to the THEA500-USB-MENU folder)  – (THEA500)

it Contains.

    • Update: – Added Oneload colection v5 (AIO and Basic versions only)

    • Update: – Fixed the Carousel’s so you can change them in the Carousel Changer properly, Argent(1.6.1)(1.0.5), Shield, Amora, Ares and now Snowbird(1.6.1) too is now supported.

    • Update: – Amiberry 5 GUI Not working.

    • Update: – Resigned THEA500 Gamepad buttons (see reminder off combo buttons in Mode Changer).

    • Update: – Splash updates.

    • Update: – Updated amiberry version 5 to v5.6.1.

    • Update: – Added splash so you know that you switched amiberry versions on TheCarousel

    • Update: – Double sound issue updater

    • Update: – shutdown screen added

    • Update: – reboot screen added.

    • Update: – Added AMiNIMiga v212F Support. – Put only the AMiNIMiga folder in the THEA500-USB-MENU folder on the root. AMiNIMiga has a bug it does not copy always, the roms are needs.
      Sometimes you need to restart the mode by pressing menu and Right Fire or turn it off and on again.

    • Update: – fixed some issue with Mode Remover

    • Update: – Switch Between amiberry in Amiga Mode

    • Update: – Amiga Mode Menu

    • Fix: – Carousel changer menu the joystick was not working fixed

    • Fix: – Updater AIO was showing wrong info splash screen

    • Fix: – Misspelled Cable in splash screen

    • Fix: – Updater fixed

    • Fix: – Amiberry switch was not working correct

    • Few minor bug fixes

    • About Splash screen updates it makes it more clear when it reboots or shuts down and what to do when hangs


  • For The THEC64
  • for The THEA500
  • Released on 29-12-2023
  • 64 means that you need a 64 GB usb stick or sd card you can also use portable SSD
  • U can use GUI Format32 you can download here too to format large drives into fat32
All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 13.4 GB
Version: 3.3.6
Published: 16 December 2023