***PCUAE 1.5.1 Has Now Been Fully Released***
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Created by: Nick Andrews(spannernick).
Main script coding: Nick Andrews

With help from: Jeroen van Jaarsveld(jj0) Mikael Lantz(lantzelot) Ian Buxton(vic20ian)
and Davy van Bijnen(mrgreen36)

Official Website: Davy van Bijnen

Beta Testers: Ian Buxton, Davy van Bijnen

Help Menu and text editing: Ian Buxton, Nick Andrews

PCUAE Mode, VICE Mode and Linux Mode: Nick Andrews

Dutch translation: Davy van Bijnen

Background Music edited: Nick Andrews

THEC64 X-Windows Mod and VICE: Jeroen van Jaarsveld

Carousel Gamelist Selector: FaberfoX

PCU Game Manager: Mikael Lantz

A Big Thank You goes to Jeroen, without him this project would not exist, he teached me a
lot about Linux and still dose, thanks for helping me out when I need it, you are a mate
for life.

And to Mikael for PCU Game Manager, it brillant and gets better and better all the time,
it alot easier now to add games.. Thank You.. 🙂

FaberfoX for his Carousel USB Chooser(Carousel Gamlist Selector), it has opened PCUAE and
made it easier to add as many games as you like, in folders and pick which one to load
on TheCarousel as a carousel screen… Thank you.

Thanks to as well: raxrip, cyanic for hacking the updates and unpacking them and jj0 for
making the Fake Upadate. PCUAE would not able to boot without it.

PCUAE would not be here without the mods uses made for THEC64 and supported it.

And thank you to RGL and Koch Media for making the machines in the first place… 🙂

I thank you all and hope you all stay safe.

I hope you all enjoy PCUAE 1.5.1

Copyright 2021 – PCUAE 1.5.1
Free to Download, For Non Commercial Use.

This is a English Project but will support other languages that are not supported by the carousel.

Dutch Language is included with 1.5.1…  Dutch is not supported in TheCarousel but wanted to see If I could add it to PCUAE, and change it into a different language that was not supported by TheCarousel and it’s possible.. :) and it helped having Davy’s(MrGreen36) help who translated all the files in PCUAE that need translating into Dutch from English because I do not speak Dutch(Netherlands).This opens the door so other languages can be added to PCUAE if need be.

FOR MacOS Users…
If you can not run the WinRar installer or WinRAR then use 7Zip and click on the exe file(its is a Archive) so just use 7Zip to unzip it to your USB Stick and then use Blue Harvest – to remove all the files that MacOS adds to the USB Stick that mess up PCUAE then it will work in your machine.
PCU Changelog

Video: How to install PCUAE and showing some of its features, this is a old video but you can install 1.5.1 the same way.

There are lots of new features.

• it now has 3 main modes – PCUAE Mode, VICE Mode and Linux Mode, it does have other modes to like – Gadget Mode, Firmware Mode and Full Border Mode, look in The Help Menu for more info.

• Run VICE Mode and explore PET, Vic20, C64, Plus/4, C128, Super CPU C64 and C64 DTV with Games Menu, you can now turn your machine into a fully working C64DTV… 


• Run Linux Mode if you download the optional pack, It was originally added to PCUAIO but made it to big so I have split it now and Linux Mode is in its own folder in the download folder.

• Firmware mode – upgrade without removing the PCUAE stick.

• Gadget Mode – add games over USB, Access the Nand, you can now use the Gadget Mode Virtual Serial Com Port Device ttyGS0 to connect it to VICE Mode and the C64 emulator or any emulator that can use the serial device, you can enable it in PCUAEOM but it needs testing, will make a post about it soon to see if anyone is interested.

• Built in Help text, The Help Menu.

• Midnight Commander – Manage your files on your USB Stick change a images name or add a flag to it, like: game.d64 to game_AD.d64 to enable Accurate Disk for that image in File Loader.

• Run PCUAE in Dutch or English – more languages to follow – can you help translate?

• Power down in VICE mode and boot up directly to VICE in your chosen machine next time.

• Hide the startup screen(Splash Screens) and silence the joystick navigation in the Carousel, I added this cause I found the sound very annoying and it’s to loud in the firmware, if you move the joystick continuously you can not hear the background music.

• Run PCUAE/VICE Modes in JiffyDos Mode, C64 and VIC-20 versions supported.

• Lots more things to try out.

CTRL+F7 changes to different carousel’s that come with update 1.5.2 so you can change the combo key shortcut to what carousel it uses in the PCUAEOM(PCUAE Option Menu) to choose from 3 different carousels from each model THEC64 Mini/THEC64 Maxi and THEVIC20(Argent, Amora and Ares) from update 1.5.2 and which one it uses, look in the Help Menu for more info.

PCUAE Mode can remember what carousel was last run so runs that carousel from startup, thats including the carousel you run with CTRL + F7, when you first run PCUAE it will now run the right carousel to match your machine so it will load the carousel that matches your firmware so if you load PCUAE in THEC64 Mini it will load the carousel from the Mini, Argent 1.5.2 and if you load PCUAE in THEC64 Maxi/THEVIC20 it will load the right carousel for them too, Aroma or Ares 1.5.2 carousels.

I figured this out when I was building VICE Mode, VICE Mode works the same way how it remembers what emulator was run last, C64 runs by default but if you load VIC-20 and shutdown and then restart then it will start up the VIC-20 emulator again if you are still in VICE Mode, you can go back to PCUAE Mode and then load VICE Mode again and it will still remember what emulator was run last, I think it kinda cool. 


You can now download PCUAE 1.5.1 NOW from the download section but only if you are Registered and logged in.