PCUAE v3.6.0

PCUAE v3.6.0 Standalone Setup
PCUAE v3.6.0 Standalone Setup

here you can download.

  • PCUAE v3.6.0 Standalone Setup


It conatins.

  • PCUAE v3.6.0
  • Support for the Atari 2600 Plus
  • Fix: – Loading System menu needs to reboot – Fixed.
  • Update: – Added Mode Config Menu – Done, If you can’t find your way back to mode config menu then its now in mode changer under option 2 too.
  • Fix: – Network Updater Was Updating old versions – Fixed
  • Fix: – Showing menu when mode isn’t there – Fixed”
  • Update: – Updated ATARI Mode with ATARI 2600 mode”
  • Update: – Fixed a few minor bugs.
All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 1.3 GB
Version: 3.6.0
Published: 25 February 2024