PCUAE v3.3.6 i Re-uploaded AIO Version see post why

You can download in today! because i added oneload colection v5 to AIO Versions that support THEC64 Family and fixed some more bugs in it have fun Gr Wizart


  • PCUAE v3.3.6

It contains.

  • Update: – Added Oneload colection v5 (AIO and Basic versions only)
  • Update: – Fixed the Carousel’s so you can change them in the Carousel Changer properly, Argent(1.6.1)(1.0.5), Shield, Amora, Ares and now Snowbird(1.6.1) too is now supported.
  • Update: – Amiberry 5 GUI Not working.
  • Update: – Resigned THEA500 Gamepad buttons (see reminder off combo buttons in Mode Changer).
  • Update: – Splash updates.
  • Update: – Updated amiberry version 5 to v5.6.1.
  • Update: – Added splash so you know that you switched amiberry versions on TheCarousel
  • Update: – Double sound issue updater
  • Update: – shutdown screen added
  • Update: – reboot screen added.
  • Update: – Added AMiNIMiga v212F Support. – Put only the AMiNIMiga folder in the THEA500-USB-MENU folder on the root. AMiNIMiga has a bug it does not copy always, the roms are needs.
    Sometimes you need to restart the mode by pressing menu and Right Fire or turn it off and on again.
  • Update: – fixed some issue with Mode Remover
  • Update: – Switch Between amiberry in Amiga Mode
  • Update: – Amiga Mode Menu
  • Fix: – Carousel changer menu the joystick was not working fixed
  • Fix: – Updater AIO was showing wrong info splash screen
  • Fix: – Misspelled Cable in splash screen
  • Fix: – Updater fixed
  • Fix: – Amiberry switch was not working correct
  • Few minor bug fixes
  • About Splash screen updates it makes it more clear when it reboots or shuts down and what to do when hangs

Its in download section under support

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