PCUAE V3.3.4 Released !!!

There is new version v3.3.4.
it has few new features like mode uninstaller handy if you installed a mode and you dont want it anymore.
Or if you download the all in one and you want to remove a mode you dont use.
also new feature boot screen animation you can turn it of if you like just go to the PCUAE System Menu.
you can also Hide the mode info handy if you already know and you want to speed up things.
and there is a change in media slector it’s called not THEC64-USB-MENU but PCUAE-CBM-GAMES folder now.
You can also add you own song to mode and carousel changer menu now its also in the PCUAE System menu.
Also added new feature PCUAE Updater So you can update PCUAE Through the internet.
Also updated CD32 mode its part off amiga mode now.
Also ADF Mode Also part off Amiga Mode now.
Updated Atari st mode.
Lots more just look at it.
Have fun with this release.

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