PCUAE v3.0.4a


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PCUAE v3.0.4a


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Sorry its taken so long for the next version of PCUAE, had to change a few things in it, I have to check it and make sure it all works property and its only me working on it now so it will take a little longer to release now, best things come to those who wait… 🙂

You will need host-rum.adf from Pandory A500 if your on Firmware v1.1.1 on THEA500 Mini, so you can enable Autoboot Mode,
If your on Firmware v1.0.0 then you can run the PCUAE Startup for Firmware v1.0.0,

host-rum.adf is in the Pandory zip file under /Pandory/boot/C folder and it goes in the root Pandory folder in
PCUAEUSB:/Pandory/boot/C folder in PCUAEUSB Drive.

You will not be able to boot PCUAE from Firmware v1.1.1 without it, but only need to do it
if you have not activated(enabled) Autoboot Mode already, it take less then 5 seconds to copy it over,
if you have Pandory already, if not then you can download Pandory A500 from here –

I have now changed the root of the USB Drive so where the carousel menu sees its files, on THEA500 now, it didn’t work on THEC64 cause it mounts the drive at /mnt , I changed it to make it easier to load games that are in the carousel menu and add mods to THEA500 Mini easier, its a lot better this way and it a lot more straight forward … 🙂 and less confusing where you put .ahi files or add mods.

You will have a new folder now on the root of the USB Drive called THEA500-USB-MENU so if you want to run AMiNIMiga its easy to do now cause you just unzip it into PCUAE USB://THEA500-USB-MENU/AMiNIMiga folder and then run PCUAE Mode(Carousel Mode) and that’s it, you will then see it in THEA500 Carousels Media Menu.

Its different for THEC64 machines, you can not change its root on that, I tried and it only works from the real root so you can use the THEC64-USB-MENU folder but you will have to go into it in the Carousel’s media Menu on that.

I have added a folder for VICE Mode too so you can add D64 games and that so you can run games in it, the folder is called VICE-Games and it has different folders in it like C64, PET, VIC20, C128, Plus4 and so on, when VICE Mode loads and whatever the emulator is running in it and if you press Menu on the Gamepad it will bring up the Vice Settings Menu so you load a game and will be in the right folder for that emulator so you can load the right games for it… 🙂 so if you load C64 Mode then the folder that will open is the C64 folder in VICE-Games folder.

I now added a option to PCUAE Restore Toolkit for Flashing(reading or writing) the NANDA or NANDB in THEA500 Mini and added the no tamper key NANDA too and a NANDB DEFAULT BACKUP for it too so you can restore it if your having problems with the NANDB on THEA500 MiniDO NOT EVER pick the wrong option in it otherwise you will mess up your machine, only pick the option for your machine.

*Just realised I never added PCUAE Restore Toolkit to THEA500 PCUAE Option Menu, thats be coming in the next update, PCUAE Has two PCUAE Option Menu, one menu for THEA500 Mini and one for THEC64 Mini, THEC64 and THEVIC20.

Enjoy PCUAE… 🙂