PCUAE Changelog


This is the PCUAE Changelog so you know what is being changed



This is just a bug fix version and some changes I wanted to make to the folders,
There is no PCUAE/PCUAAE folders now, they are now called PCUAE_THEC64/PCUAE_THEA500.

Amiberry 5.3 is now included and works with the carousel, Thanks goes to Pandory Team(dajoho) for compiling it… 🙂
You can now load games in Amiberry 5 via the carousels USB Media Menu, you can enable it in The Carousel Changer, to load it with keys CTRL+F3 – or on the Gamepad – Menu+Y.
You can switch between Amiberry 5 and Amiberry 3 using the keys CTRL+F2 so you can load the games on the carousel, the GUI Menu can by loaded up by CTRL+F1 so you can make save states if you want to save a uae file or change the settings in a game.



Fixed 2 errors in mode changer



Update mode changer fixed error



Fixed a problem with THEC64 NTSC not loading the carousel.

On THEVIC20, it boots like its THEC64 so uses its firmware now in PCUAE Firmware Mode and just loads up THEVIC20 Carousel instead of THEC64 Carousel.

PCUAE on THEA500 Mini now needs Autoboot Mode activated to use, PCUAE on THEC64(THEC64 Mini, THEVIC20) has not been changed at the moment but it will be too, PCUAE does not work properly without it enable on THEA500 Mini that why I made it like this now, its an advantage… 🙂 cause you can load a Mode from start up, you can not do that with any other mod.

To Boot PCUAE on THEA500 Mini – Format with FAT32 and MBR then install PCUAE on a 32GB+ USB Stick, then put in THEA500 Mini USB port and then go to USB Media Access and go into PCUAE_Startup folder and press on the PCUAE_Startup.ahl file to startup PCUAE.




The Anniversary Edition is now the Standard Version, you can get the Pro Version on the PCUAE website, so its still be called PCUAE(Project Carousel USB: Anniversary Edition), the Pro Version will be called PCUPE(Project Carousel USB: Professional Edition)
Everything should come with the Pro Version, the Modes, Games and some extra options in the menus.. https://projectcarouselusb.eu/

This is mainly a bug fixing release, there were a few errors in Autoboot Mode that I fixed, if Autoboot Mode is partly activated then it will load the Autoboot Mode Activate Screen(Autoboot First bootup screen) when you load up the Mode Changer instead of the menu to make sure it activated properly.

Other bugs were fixed too.

I am looking into a way of getting Attract Mode to work in PCUAAE so you be able to load games in carousel, you can made AM look like THEA500 Mini’s carousel so hopefully it may work but we will see, you can use AM on Windows too so should be able to make gamelists on it and a Layout(theme) that looks like the carousel.
More on it soon.



Just been updated… 31/07/2022

Updated switch.sh script in PCUAE, it was pointing to the wrong folder not Favorites_1.
Updated Amiberry Host-Run in PCUAAE, you should not need to update to Firmwarev1.1.1, it should do it for you now, you will need Autoboot activated for it to work, you can now enable it in PCUAE Options Menu and the Mode Changer.

Forgot to add switch.sh file to the Games folder on the root of the USB Drive, so if you try to add games using the PCUAE Manager when you run PCUAE it will not know what gamelist its on and loads up a black screen, its now been added so should be ok now.

CWB Advanced has been updated in AMIGA Mode(PCUAE) so the torrent has been updated, just download it again, like before from /Modes/AMIGA Mode/AMIGA Mode Part2 Setup/ folder but once you have installed the new update for AMIGA Mode Part 1, pcuae-amiga-mode-pack-part1-2.0.1b7-setup.exe, the torrent is inside it.



Just been updated… 22/07/2022

All UAE files are now in /Modes/AMIGA_Mode/Workbench_Mode_Start-Up folder for Amiberry and P-UAE, UAE files with _ab in there name are for Amiberry.

(PCUAAE Only)Password for Putty and USB2serial ttyS0 User: root Pass: chuckpeddle.
Password is now fully enabled so works when the USB Drive is unplugged, it part of the Autoboot Startup Script so needs Autoboot Mode activated to work.

(PCUAAE Only)You can now enable Amiberry Host-Run for Firmware v1.1.1 in PCUAE Options Menu and it does not matter if you enable it on Firmware v1.0.0 or v1.1.1, it works on both of them, its part of the Autoboot Startup Script so will need Autoboot Mode activated to work, when you enable it make sure you run PCUAAE from boot up first so it can add the files it need first before you take out the USB Drive to load the firmware.
You can enable Host-Run v1.1.1 with Firmware v1.0.0, it seams Amiberry in v1.0.0 is the same as in v1.1.1 so has not been changed, only Host-Run been disabled so all updates have only been added to the carousel and not Amiberry.

What I hope to do next in the next update is, when you enable it, it will mount the carousel from v1.1.1 too then you will not need to update to v1.1.1 anymore, you just enable it and thats it so its all done for you, so if you disable it, it will go back to v1.0.0, thats the plan anyway.. 🙂
I wanted to make sure it all worked with just Amiberry first before added the carousel files.

AMIGA Mode is now in 2 parts, install first part below then download second part with qBittorrent thats included in AMIGA Mode folder under AMIGA Mode Part2 Setup folder on the USB Drive, if you do download it please keep seeding it so others can get it too, the more users seed it the faster it will get to download and make it easy to download as well, like if I am offline you still be able to download it.

I added qbittorrent cause uTorrent has adverts and bloatware so installs software as its installing it and its now a PUA(Potential Unwanted Application) on Windows Security so Windows will try to uninstall it when you scan your files for viruses or stop you installing it when you click on its exe file.

uTorrent is closed source so they can add anything they like, and they made it to make money from it, thats why there is a Pro version, qbittorrent is open source so its better and has been made by the torrent community… https://www.qbittorrent.org
Free software is better… 🙂

I added the torrent like this cause the AMIGA Mode Part 2 Setup file does not need updating, it only has the HDF files in it, only time it need updating is if you change something in Workbench, this way I do not have to keep changing the torrent file name inline with the PCUAE release.

(PCUAE Only)I fixed the Carousel Gamelist Changer problem… 🙂 it now changes gamelists ok, had to remount the nandb in PCUAE Firmware Mode cause Carousel Gamelist Changer disables it cause it mounts it with chroot the same as Firmware Mode so it needs remounting after you changed gamelists, its cause it using the chroot command so changes the chroot.

(PCUAE Only)I have now fixed PAL/NTSC so it now switches between 50Hz and 60Hz in the carousel on THEC64 Maxi, if you change it in the PCUAE Options Menu(CTRL+F7 or MENU+LEFT FIRE BUTTON on joystick) and it works on THEC64 Mini too, PAL or NTSC models.

(PCUAAE Only)Fixed AMiNIMiga and Classic Workbench Advanced(Your Own) Workbenches.

(PCUAAE Only)Added a option to AMIGA Mode Menu option 1 so you can switch what Amiga Emulator you want the Workbench to run with, Amiberry or RA P-UAE, PCUAAE Only at the moment, need to do tests to see if Amiberry can be used on THEC64 or not from THEA500.



Just fixed the startup.sh file, it was missing something and stopping it loading PCUAE on THEC64 machines that have not loaded the new Autoboot Script before( I forgot to get it to make the mnt2 folder it boots PCUAE from)

This should fix THEC64 Mini and it working with Autoboot Mode, I made a mistake, sorry about that… 🙂
You should be able to use Workbench Built-in CWB 1.3 and Your Own CWB Advanced from PCUAAE in AMIGA Mode in PCUAE now, including AMiNIMiga Workbench for the THEA500.

The Games folder has now moved to the root of the USB Drive, the same place where the Modes are kept, the Game folder is linked to PCUAE-USB-Drive:/Carousel_Games/Games folder so its still there but will not read the games from that folder, it gets overmounted, I have included a PCUAE Mode Games Pack too so you can now install the games without having to import them from PCUAE Manager, just install them to the root of the USB Drive, if you do not want a Gameslist then just delete it from the Games folder, just make sure you keep Carousel Gamelist Favorites_1, you will need it to enable PCUAE Mode, if its not there then it will enable Firmware Mode instead.

The Games Pack is 285 MB and it includes the default gamelist set plus OneLoad set.

AMIGA Mode is 3.69 GB so could not upload it here cause its to big, it bigger now cause all the workbench modes it has, had to add it as a torrent file.
Might have to work out a way of splitting in it up in to two files if PCUAE Manager does not see it.
Utottent can be downloaded here… https://www.utorrent.com/

Added again Amiberry with Host-run but reworked the script so it copies amiberry with host run enabled to a folder on the firmware and then overmount amiberry instead of removing it, its a lot safer this way, it overmounts it inside Autoboot Startup Script, so you will need to update to v1.1.1 and Autoboot Start-Up Script too for it to work, you will need to install PCUAAE first and activate Autoboot Mode then update to v1.1.1 and then enable Amiberry with Host-Run v1.1.1, then you should be able to run Pandory from USB Media Access.

I have added A500-nanda-ramfs-enabled so you can use Putty and flash over nandb if you need to restore your A500 to firmware v1.0.0, it in the A500-nanda folder on the root of the USB Drive and has a txt file in it with instructions on how to do it.

PCUAAE does come with Amiga Games now too but for USB Media Access only so not for the carousel, you will find them in THEA500-Games folder when you load up PCUAE Mode, if you load the firmware carousel they will not show.



This is a big update.

AMiNImiga v101 Is Now Working Again… 🙂 AMIGA is Spanish means female friend, so the Amiga is your girl friend, Hello Amiga 🙂

You can now use ESC key on the keyboard to turn off the A500, I did try and use the Power Button but it does not work with events so I had to use the ESC(Escape) Key but at least you can now power it off properly.

Added more kill lines to manhattan so hopefully it kills it at the right time and don’t pop up when the boot screen or The Mode Changer appears, it seems to work on mine, but it not always the same on other THEA500s.

I added PCUAAE to PCUAE so if and when you can add games to THEA500 Carousel then the games can be added to the PCUAEManager so you can use it to import/export C64 and Amiga Games to both machines, THEA500(Amiga Games) and THEC64(C64/VIC20 Games) and the C64 other models.

Had to fix a bug in it, where it was on AMIGA Mode and should of been on PCUAE Mode and making the Amiga Mode enabled file in PCUAE Mode folder, its needed to be made in AMIGA_Mode folder instead, so it was running it even if AMIGA Mode was not added to the Modes folder so would not find its files it needs to load so stop PCUAAE booting and stuck on PCUAAE Splash Screen.

I have now removed Amiberry v1.1.1 script for Update v.1.1.1 that copied amiberry to the firmware from PCUAAE, I didn’t want users having problems with there THEA500 Mini down the line so I was not happy with it, PLEASE STAY ON THE ORIGNAL FIRMWARE V1.0.0 now so you can load PCUAAE if you need to and just load TheCarousel Manhattan v1.1.1 with Host-Run enabled in PCUAAE.

When installing PCUAE it will delete the files and folders its going to replace on the USB Drive so will look like its froze, just wait and it will come back to life and start copying the files and folders in needs on to the USB Drive and update them, just now wait for it to complete the install.

This will take longer to download cause it bigger now it has PCUAAE in it but if you have a fast internet connection then it will not take long, just wait until its downloaded and then run its setup.

This now includes PCUAAE so it will detect what machine PCUAE is running on and then picks PCUAE if its running on THEC64 Mini, THEC64 Maxi, THEVIC20 or PCUAAE if its on THEA500 Mini.

PCUAE/PCUAAE now use the same Modes so now only have one set of Modes, If you just using PCUAAE then you will not need RA Mode cause it uses Pandory still, modes are installed into the Modes folder on the root of the USB, the folder is made when the first Mode is installed.

PCUAE is in its own folder now, the same with PCUAAE, they are on the root of the USB Stick,.
The Games folder to added Games to PCUAE, is in USB:\PCUAE\Carousel_Games\Games
I added them together cause I wanted to use the same SD Card and thought that PCUAAE should be together with PCUAE cause they are really the same thing and do the same thing, and PCUAAE to be able to use PCUAEManager to download and install it plus be able to export games to THE A500 Carousel when it gets hacked.

You can still not add games to the carousel in PCUAAE yet.

You will need to update Autoboot Mode, PCUAEv2.0.0 will not Autoboot with the old Autoboot Start-Up Script.