it has atari support


Please read this first if you going to use it you must enable auto boot first

Here is a pre-release of PCUAE 1.60 with Atari Mode added, it works the same as VICE Mode…. 

From PCUAE Mode – To activate Atari Mode, press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 then to switch emulators press CTRL+1 for Atari800 Emulator and CTRL+2 for Atari++ Emulator, it will automatically boot up Atari800 Emulator from PCUAE Mode first and run the game Donkey Kong from 1981 on cartridge.

When switching emulators it does not switch like Vice Mode dose, cause for some reason that I have not figured out yet why, it would come up with a black screen and no emulator so to get round the problem I have to get the machine to do a restart then the emulators switch works fine and shows the emulator on the screen, so cause of that it might seem to take longer to switch emulators, I am going to try and make load it quicker, hopefully it will be in the next update, I just at the moment want it to work and it does.. 🙂 it should not take more that 30 scends to switch emulator from Atari800 Emulator to Atari++ emulator.

Load a game in Atari800 Emulator

Open Menu – F1 then select Run Atari Program and press RETURN to open a item, open extragames/Atari_Games folder, go into one of the folders in you want to load from(Cartridges, Disks or Tapes folders) to come out of a menu item press TAB or Restore Key, after you have done that you will need to go to(use the CRSR Up and Down Key, down only work at the moment cause THEC64 only has two cursor keys, Down and right cursor keys on the CRSR keys, but you can use a USB Keyboard too) Cartridge Management and remove the Donkey Kong Cartridge by highlighting on it and pressing INST DEL key to remove it, use Restore key to come out of it and to close the menu and now the game will run.

I managed to update the maping on the F keys so they are now… F1 = Menu Key, F3 = Options Key, F5 Select Key, F7 = Start Key, you will need to redownload the setup to use the new keymapping on the emulator.

To load a game in Atari++ Emulator

You can use THEC64 Joystick to move around the Atari++ Menu, to get it to work, press fire once and then move right then left with the joystick and you should see the little mouse arrow move to the next item in the menu, you can plug in a USB mouse too and use that instead, that works too.

For ROMS (Cartridges) – Select Cartridge, open your rom/bin image from extragames/Atari_Games/Cartridges folder, Select Cart Type (Tick a box e.g. 16k), Then Click Preferences – Exit Menu and Continue

For Disc Images – Select Disc Drive and make sure it enabled by pressing on Enable.1, then open your atr image from extragames/Atari_Games/Disk folder, Then Click Preferences – Cold Start, Exit Menu and Continue.

Hope this helps… 🙂