PCUAE Upgrades v4.2.1

PCUAE Restore Toolkit v2.1 Upgrade
PCUAE Restore Toolkit v2.1 Upgrade

Here you can download.

  • Restore Toolkit v2.1 Upgrade
  • It upgrades PCUAE with restore toolkit v2.1

Versions supported.

  • v4.0.0 or higher

Model Supported.

  • THEC64 Mini – Nand recovery only.
  • THEC64 Maxi – All functions supported.
  • THEVIC20 – All functions supported.
  • THE400 – All functions supported
  • THEA500 – Nand recovery only.
  • The atari 2600 plus – NOT Supported


Changes v2.1

  • Added support for THEC64 Maxi NTSC
  • Added – Switch between PAL | NTSC on THEC64 MINI
  • Updated THEVIC20 image with latest firmware 1.6.1
  • Updates nand ID Correctly
  • Updates nand of THEA500 to v1.2.1
  • Few bug fixes
All the downloadable files on this website are clean and checked on virussen.
You might get a message saying there's a virus in the setup.exe files, its a false positive, so fake, it because there are scripts in the the setups so please ignore and press on download anyway.
Size: 206 MB
Version: 4.0.0 - 4.3.0
Published: 16 May 2024