It is finally here after lots and lots of development and testing,

PCUAE 1.5.0 has just been updated to 1.5.1 get it while its HOT!!

Sorry if this is a bit big but I need to cover everything so you know how to install PCUAE 1.5.1 and other stuff that might be important, try and read it all and in your own time…. πŸ™‚

Any setup exe files found here are free from viruses and are clean, if you do not trust me then check them first with your Antivirus before running them and you will see.

 PCUAE Standalone exe file  

 PCU All In One exe file

You can unzip them and open them up with 7zip cause they are compressed archives, you can rename them from ‘.exe’ to ‘.zip’ and open them up with 7zip that way if you want to.

If you are a supporter via Patreon or made a donation via Paypal then you should be receiving an email/PM with a link to download the pre release version of PCUAE 1.5.1, if you sent me a donation by Paypal then PM me and I will check your name and email with Paypal and then send you the link to PCUAE 1.5.1.

How to install

Remove PCUAE 1.4.3 Autoboot Mode startup script from your firmware and deactivate Autoboot Mode first in 1.4.3, then download the setup file you want to use and if PCUAIO install PCUGM to your PC first then install PCUAE to your clean USB Stick, if Standalone just install it to your clean USB Stick and that should be it.
Once it’s installed to your USB stick plug it into your machine and start it with its fake update like 1.4.3. and it should load up PCUAE 1.5.1 and load up PCUAE Mode, then if you want to activate Autoboot Mode fully to use VICE Mode or Linux Mode then use PCUAE Option Menu and all the modes will work, If you want Linux Mode then install the Linux Mode Pack setup thats in Linux Mode folder to your USB Stick and then that will work too. 

If you want the games(they are not included with the main installs anymore) then you can install them using the Games Pack, just download it from the Games Pack folder and install it on to your USB Stick to add them, make sure you point it to the root of the USB stick cause it has the folders in there it needs to install them in the right place on the USB Stick, it copies them into USB://Carousel_Games/Games/ folder, I removed them to make the download smaller in size and quicker to download and you might want to add your own games using PCUGM.

If you do not want to use the setups then you can use 7Zip to extract them. right click on them and open with 7zip then you can manually copy the content from them to your USB stick or you can rename them from .exe to .zip and unzip them with 7zip.

If you have a problem starting PCUAE 1.5.1 and it does not work for some reason, it could be that PCUAE or the machine does not like your USB Stick your using so copy over the USB Stick with the PCUAE-1.5.1-USB-FIX.img file with Win32 Disk Imager.

Use the PCUAE-1.5.1-USB-FIX.img to fix these problems.

THEC64 Mini/Maxi and THEVIC20 does not like…  
a) GPT – GUID Partition Table, it only works on a normal MBR – Master Boot Record
b) Bootable USB Sticks – It does not work on them, if at any time you have used the USB Stick as a Bootable Drive like in Rufus then it will not work with PCUAE.

FOR Mac OS Users…
Mac OS X – If you copy the files manually with MAC OS X then it will not work, Mac OS X adds it own files (.DS files) and damages PCUAE and stops it booting properly.
Use Blue Harvest – www.zeroonetwenty.com/blueharvest/ to remove all the files that MacOS adds to the USB Stick that mess up PCUAE then it will work in your machine.

***NEW FEATURES – 1.5.1***
What can PCUAE do now…? What’s just been added.

It now can load up the last gamelist loaded by CGL ‘Carousel Gamelist Loader'(CTRL + SHIFT + F7 or THEC64 Joystick – Menu Button + Right Fire Button)when you start start up PCUAE or load PCUAE Mode, if it loads up Gamelist Screen VIC 20 H to R then when you turn the machine off and on again or reload PCUAE Mode from VICE Mode/Linux Mode, it will load up Gamelist Screen VIC 20 H to R again.
If you replace all the gamelist folders in ‘USB://Carousel_Games/Games/’ then when you run PCUAE the first time after you replaced the gamelist folders, it will load a black screen, this is because its still reading the last folder that was there, that is not there now cause you have removed it, so all you need to do for it to read one of the new folders is to run ‘Carousel Gamelist Loader’ again and load a gamelist and then it will read  that gamelist and fix the black screen.

Now it can matches your machines firmware carousel and loads it the first time you run PCUAE Mode but if you change to a different carousel with  CTRL + F3, F5 or F7 it will remember that carousel and load that up the next time you turn off and on again or load PCUAE Mode again from VICE Mode or Linux Mode, if it loads up THEVIC20 carousel that matches your machine but then you press CTRL + F3 to change it to TheCarousel 4All 1.3.2 so it loads THEC64 Maxi carousel version 1.3.2, to get back to THEVIC20 Carousel you will have to enable it in the PCUAE Option Menu Page 2 option 6 ‘What TheCarousel uses CTRL+F7’ and change it to Ares 1.5.2 so the shortcut works with Ares THEVIC20 Carousel version 1.5.2 More info on CTRL+F7 further down the post.

Things may change but not major things, like something is not working correctly, new features added and little fixes here and there, so things could change between now and full release, I might even up its number cause of a feature added(1.5.0 to 1.6.0).

You can now find what your Controller or Joystick GUID in PCUAE now, to add a new Controller or Joystick, look for ‘How to get the Joystick GUID’, info about it is in The Help Menu and plus how to use the SDL2 Game Tool with it aswell so you can make the whole GUID mapping string using PCUAE Now.

There are lots of new features.

β€’ it now has 3 main modes – PCUAE Mode, VICE Mode and Linux Mode, it does have other modes to like – Gadget Mode, Firmware Mode and Full Border Mode, look in The Help Menu for more info.

β€’ Run VICE Mode and explore PET, Vic20, C64, Plus/4, C128, Super CPU C64 and C64 DTV with Games Menu, you can now turn your machine into a fully working C64DTV… 



β€’ Run Linux Mode if you download the optional pack, It was originally added to PCUAIO but made it to big so I have split it now and Linux Mode is in its own folder in the download folder.

β€’ Firmware mode – upgrade without removing the PCUAE stick.

β€’ Gadget Mode – add games over USB, Access the Nand, you can now use the Gadget Mode Virtual Serial Com Port Device ttyGS0 to connect it to VICE Mode and the C64 emulator or any emulator that can use the serial device, you can enable it in PCUAEOM but it needs testing, will make a post about it soon to see if anyone is interested.

β€’ Built in Help text, The Help Menu.

β€’ Midnight Commander – Manage your files on your USB Stick change a images name or add a flag to it, like: game.d64 to game_AD.d64 to enable Accurate Disk for that image in File Loader.

β€’ Run PCUAE in Dutch or English – more languages to follow – can you help translate?

β€’ Power down in VICE mode and boot up directly to VICE in your chosen machine next time.

β€’ Hide the startup screen(Splash Screens) and silence the joystick navigation in the Carousel, I added this cause I found the sound very annoying and it’s to loud in the firmware, if you move the joystick continuously you can not hear the background music.

β€’ Run PCUAE/VICE Modes in JiffyDos Mode, C64 and VIC-20 versions supported.

β€’ Lots more things to try out.

CTRL+F7 changes to different carousel’s that come with update 1.5.2 so you can change the combo key shortcut to what carousel it uses in the PCUAEOM(PCUAE Option Menu) to choose from 3 different carousels from each model THEC64 Mini/THEC64 Maxi and THEVIC20(Argent, Amora and Ares) from update 1.5.2 and which one it uses, look in the Help Menu for more info.

PCUAE Mode can remember what carousel was last run so runs that carousel from startup, thats including the carousel you run with CTRL + F7, when you first run PCUAE it will now run the right carousel to match your machine so it will load the carousel that matches your firmware so if you load PCUAE in THEC64 Mini it will load the carousel from the Mini, Argent 1.5.2 and if you load PCUAE in THEC64 Maxi/THEVIC20 it will load the right carousel for them too, Aroma or Ares 1.5.2 carousels.

I figured this out when I was building VICE Mode, VICE Mode works the same way how it remembers what emulator was run last, C64 runs by default but if you load VIC-20 and shutdown and then restart then it will start up the VIC-20 emulator again if you are still in VICE Mode, you can go back to PCUAE Mode and then load VICE Mode again and it will still remember what emulator was run last, I think it kinda cool. 


Any problem you have with PCUAE 1.5.1 then post in this thread please.

If you are not currently a supporter and would like to then please take a look here to gain early access now.

RETROnuts is creating Project Carousel USB – Anniversary Edition for THEC64 | Patreon

or you can donate through PayPal and I will send a link via PM to PCUAE 1.5.0.


The main release of PCUAE 1.5.1. will be later in July.

Thank you.

Enjoy PCUAE 1.5.1