PCUAE has just had a baby, its called PCUAAE – Project Carousel USB Amiga Anniversary Edition.

Project Carousel USB Amiga Anniversary Edition(PCUAAE) for THE A500 Mini. PCUAAE Autoboot Start-up Script v1.0.0. PCUAAE – Manhattan Skyline v1.0.0/1.1.1

This is for THE A500 Mini or THE A500 Maxi, Its early days yet, THEA500 Mini was released on the 8th April 2022 and not everyone has got there’s yet but just wanted to put this out there that this it been made and will get better in time as we learn more about the machine.

And as mods get made for it, I will try and add them to it.

This will be like PCUAE and use some of it, I will port some of the stuff from it to this, I will not be porting the carousel from THEC64(PCUAE Mode), it was not made for this machine and it should stay on the machine it meant to be for, THE A500 Mini has its own carousel and I do not need to turn it into THEC64 and I want to try to respect Retro Games LTD who made these machines, I will probably port VICE Mode over, we will see.

Thanks for reading


New Info PCUAAE v1.1.8

Pandory Mode added to The Mode Changer and with New Background Music and 50/60hz switch under Bash Playlist, this only works in PCUAAE if you run Pandory from USB Menu then it will load Pandory normally.

Pandory and PCUAAE in Action… https://youtu.be/lteh5z8EYc8

RA Mode has now been removed, no point having 2 Retroarch Modes and this makes less work for me, Team Pandory will keep it up to date so it will always work on the A500… 🙂

Pandory Download link … https://github.com/emuchicken/pandory-a500/?fbclid=IwAR1pvE_1kYJXwSttG64coDvgdeyOiIUmXojErOfDvR6ij9soWvNO4oTnvM4


INSTALL PCUAAE AND ACTIVATE AUTOBOOT MODE BEFORE installing The NEW UPDATE FROM RGL v1.1.0 or 1.1.1, HOST RUN had been REMOVED from Amiberry now, HOST RUN Works IN PCUAAE only. You WILL NOT be able to run PCUAAE if you have updated before installing PCUAAE Autoboot Mode. You will now have to wait for another hack to come out that will allow you to run Linux code from within the carousel, like the Fake Update on PCUAE and THEC64.

How to install PCUAAE on the USB Stick

  1. Make Sure the USB Stick uses Fat32 and Master Boot Record.
  2. Install PCUAAE to a USB Stick, Click on its setup file and browse to the USB Stick you want to use PCUAAE on, and then click on Install button.
  3. Run PCUAAE Startup LHA file in A500-Games Folder in the USB Menu.
  4. Activate Autoboot Mode, it will ask you if you want to when you start PCUAAE from PCUAAE Startup LHA.
  5. Once its finished activating Autoboot Mode, let it restart the machine, if it installed correctly it will reboot back into PCUAAE.
  6. Turn off A500 and install Pandory to the root of the USB Stick.
  7. Plug USB Stick back in A500 and turn it on and wait for PCUAAE to boot up.
  8. start The Mode Changer, hold down Menu button and X button together for 2 seconds or until screen goes black. when the menu comes up pick Pandory Mode and wait for it to load Pandory.
  9. Your done… 🙂 if you want to run another Mode just do the same but install and pick a different Mode, the modes are on Github too, download them from PCUAAE Release 1.0.7, link below.

The Carousel Version Changer

  1. You can change the carousel version from TheCarousel Manhattan v1.0.0 to v1.1.1 and back.
  2. Press Home+Y or CTRL+F3 on a keyboard to load up The Carousel Changer.
  3. Pick one of the carousels in the menu, TheCarousel Manhattan v1.0.0 or TheCarousel Manhattan v1.1.1 and it will load that version.
  4. Host-Run support is on TheCarousel Manhattan v 1.0.0 and ADF support is on TheCarousel Manhattan v1.1.1. and thats it for now, hope this helps.

The Mode Changer

  1. You can change the Modes with Menu+X buttons or on the keyboard CTRL+F5.
  2. You need to install the Modes you want, just run the Mode Set Pack you want to install and install it to the root of the USB Stick.
  3. You can download the Mode packs from PCUAAE v1.07… https://github.com/CommodoreOS/PCUAAE/releases/tag/PCUAAEv1.0.7.
  4. You install the modes the same way as PCUAAE, install them to the USB Stick your using for PCUAAE and to the root of the USB Stick.
  5. Pandory Mode is now available so if you pick its mode then you turn off the A500 and back on it will load it again, Download link is above, all modes are like that, they all start from starting PCUAAE and THE A500 Mini.

There was a error in the Autoboot Mode Setup PCUAAE Autoboot Mode First Boot Up it was making 2 Autoboot scripts in the firmware cause one line had a t missing on the end of its line, this is fixed now.

Rerun the Autoboot Mode setup using the PCUAAE_StartUp.LHA file so load PCUAAE from USB Media Access but remove first the file on the root of the USB Stick called autoboot_fake_update_disabled if you have not done a clean install otherwise it will skip it, it should refresh Autoboot Mode and remove the other script from the firmware if it’s there, so there is only one then reboot PCUAAE.

or you could do a clean install but keep all the modes(WORKBENCH_Mode, LINUX_Mode, VICE_Mode and so on) and delete the PCUAE_Mode folder too, that way you do not need to install the Modes again, just reinstall PCUAAE again.

About Workbench Mode

How To Exit Workbench

Workbench Mode is in the latest release.

There are two ways…

  1. In Workbench Mode you can press Menu buttonor Home Button to get out of Workbench Mode and after Workbench reloads, let it load up first or you could corupt Workbench, once its finished loading then pull out the Power Cable for 2 seconds then plug it back in and The Mode Changer should come up then select PCUAAE Mode to get out of it, it was the only way I could do it, we really need our own version of Amiberry, or RGLs Amiberry code needs changing and then recompled so the Menu and Home buttons do nothing.
  2. You can use a USB Keyboard, plug the keyboard in before turning on THEA500 Mini otherwise the keyboard will not work, then on the Workbench Screen press CTRL+F5 to load The Mode Changer.

So to do things in PCUAAE you need to press Menu Button and then the other button so like: Menu+X for The Mode Changer and Menu+Y for The Carousel Version Changer but you can not do that in Workbench Mode cause Amiberry crashes when you press the Menu button its better to use a USB Keyboard to exit from it.

About the other Modes

It has 5 modes that you can add by installing them, PCUAAE Mode comes with the Main PCUAAE Setup install so thats why there are 6 Modes.

I call them Modes cause RGL added to THEC64 – Carousel Mode, Classic Mode and Boot Mode so that gave me the idea and they are like modules, part of a module progream that has other modules added to it, to give it more functionality.

Run the Mode Setup.exe by double clicking on its setup file and then click on browse to find the PCUAAE USB Stick you want to use the Mode on, and then click on Extract button to start the install and wait for it to finish, once finished it will disappear.

Modes can be downloaded from PCUAAE v1.0.7 release… https://github.com/CommodoreOS/PCUAAE/releases/tag/PCUAAEv1.0.7

Look for the Mode Packs in PCUAAE v1.0.7 release, they are named like this:

pcuaae-atari-mode-pack-1.0.7-setup.exe pcuaae-linux-mode-pack-1.0.7-setup.exe pcuaae-vice-mode-pack-1.0.7-setup.exe

  1. PCUAAE Mode – Load TheCarousel Manhattan v1.0.0 or 1.1.1.
  2. Workbench Mode – Run AMiNIMiga, Your own Workbench or Bulit-in Workbench.
  3. ATARI Mode – You can run ATARI 800, 800XL/XE and 5200 Emulators, like on PCUAE.
  4. LINUX Mode – LXDE based on this OS https://wiki.lxde.org/en/Main_Page and made by jj0 post here https://thec64community.online/thread/487/thec64-windows-mod.
  5. VICE Mode – Run 7 CBM Machines from the VICE Emulator with VICE Mode Config Menu.
  6. Pandory Mode – With New Background Music and 50/60hz switch under Bash Playlist.

You will need to download AMiNIMiga from its website… https://www.aminimiga.com/ Pandory Download link … https://github.com/emuchicken/pandory-a500/?fbclid=IwAR1pvE_1kYJXwSttG64coDvgdeyOiIUmXojErOfDvR6ij9soWvNO4oTnvM4