Project Carousel USB: Anniversary Edition

The Official Site

Updates and fixes and site info

Fixes and updates and site info. The website is best visible at 1920 x 1080 or Higher Update: menu structure – Fixed Update: Support Section – FixedUpdate: Update footer – Fixed Update: Support update – FixedFix: Critical error when logging in. – Fixed Update: changed PCUAE Manager to its own menu – Fixed Update: Changed […]

New update available for PCUAE v3.2.0.207

Here you can download. Project Carousel USB Update Setup v3.2.0.207 This Includes. PCUAE v3.2.0.207 It Update mode changer and carousel changer music changer few new songs. It updates The PCUAE Menu with new Guid discovery tools like copy your own controler database to firmware . so that your joystick (controler) works on your machine. Amiberry […]

New PCUAE Facebook group

This is about Project Carousel USB – Anniversary Edition or PCUAE for short, its a mod that runs on THEC64/THEVIC20/THEA500 Mini or Full Size machines. You can run different modes like Amiga Mode, Atari Mode, Retroarch Mode, ScummVM Mode, VICE Mode and others you can even run updates from RGL without installing them on THEA500 Mini […]