How To

There is a new version 2.1.3b7, PCU will not boot if you do not update Autoboot Mode, just run fake update on THEC64 or go into the PCUAE_Startup folder in USB Media Menu on THEA500 and will run the autoboot mode update and copy the Autoboot Startup Script to the firmware

The downloads are all updated, because the folder structure has change in the new version, to get the 2.1.3b6 PCU: Pro Edition download it from the Project Carousel USB: Professional website.
There will be a change to PCUAE because there is a Pro version of PCUAE(PCUPE) now, some advanced options that were in PCUAE might not be available in the standard version(PCUSE) cause they are now in PCUPE.
The supporters site has now closed, there is now an Project Carousel USB: Professional Edition Website, its under support menu.

You can download the Project Carousel USB: Standard Edition on this site by clicking on Download Standard Edition or you can Donate and download the Project Carousel USB: Pro Edition by Clicking on Download Pro Edition.


PCUAE is a hack, it allows you to run games from USB on the Carousel(THEC64 only at the moment) and load different Modes on the machines(THEC64 and THEA500)
Its been developed by Spannernick(Nick Andrews on Facebook).

You do not have to use a USB Stick with Project Carousel USB, you can use a SD Card with a USB SD Card reader or a USB SSD Drive, it works with both, just check that the carousel can see it OK and you can see the USB Icon on the Carousel’s dock on the screen or in the Carousel on THEA500 more info in the WIKI.

To run PCU you just run the Fake Update thats included on THEC64 or go into the PCUAE_Startup folder in USB Media Menu on THEA500 and it will boot up PCU.

Everything in PCUAE runs from the USB Drive not from the firmware so once you turn the machine off and take out the USB Drive then turn the machine back on then it will boot up the firmware again.

More info on PCUAE can be found in the its WIKI here…
This project is made specially for THEC64 Mini/THEC64/THEVIC20 and THEA500 Mini from Retro Games Ltd