How to use PCUAE Network Mode on THEA500… Update… FINALLY… 🙂

PCUAE Network Mode has been updated now to included THEA500, so you can now use the internet on the machine like you can on THEC64 but it only works with one USB Ethernet Adapter, TP-Link UE300 Ethernet Adapter, I bought one and it cost me £16 from eBay(its £17 New), so if you look around you might get one cheaper, it will depended on who selling it, I think they were original made for Apple MacOS X because it white like there old Apple Notebooks so it goes with the colour of THEA500 Mini very well… 🙂

Currys sell the TP-Link UE300…

From the TP-Link website, you can buy it from there too…

You will need a TP-Link UE300 Ethernet Adapter because it use a RealTek 1853 chip(IC) in it that THEA500 kernel only supports, you can use a 1852 too because it the same type of IC.


You plug it in into one of THEA500 USB ports, not the one next to the HDMI port, that for your PCUAE USB Drive or USB Hub(PCUAE USB Drive is then plugged into it, like mine), you can plug it into a USB Hub but it might need powering, when I tested it in mine it didn’t work becauase its not powered so I did try, the adapter does not get enought power to fuction so its light might be on but its not getting the right amount of volts, I plug it into the 2nd USB Port on THEA500.

Once you plugged the adapter in to THEA500 then Open thea500-Internet-ip.txt in the PCUAE USB Drive:\Network-SSID folder to add THEA500 IP Address and the Routers Gateway IP.

IMPOTANT Edit thea500-internet-ip.txt with Notepad++ ONLY, its a Linux file, if you edit it with Notepad on Windows it will turn it into a Windows file and the Internet will not work, so download and install Notpad++ first before editing it, its here… You need to add the ip address you want to use for THEA500 Mini so pick one thats free and not used by any other device on the network and looks the same so if you see a device using say: and the last number 10 and 11 is free and is not used by any other device then you can use it so like:, thats how I would do it. Then add your Gateway ip, your routers IP, it needs this so THEA500 can connect to the internet. These instructions are in the thea500-internet-ip.txt file too as a reminder. Then run PCUAE and select Amiga Mode>AmigaSYS4 3.1 WinUAE Version then you be able to use IBrowse 2.4(IBrowse 2.5 is included, its in the other2 Amiga Hard Drive on the Workbench screen, you can run it from there too or move it where you want it) and load webpages in it.

And thats it… 🙂 Internet on THEA500… 🙂

Video is here of it working in IBrowse 2.4…

Added to AmigaSYS4 AmiSSL 4.5 so you can use https sites now, they now load ok not like in the video where they don’t.

PCUAE Network Mode is not enabled on the carousel because you can not use it on it, it only works on a Workbench Mode and AmigaSYS Mode is best because it uses a bigger Workbench screen: 1280×720, other Workbenches like: WB 1.3/3.1 use a 300×400 screen size so they are best of games only.

Games do not work properly in AmigaSYS4, it has a shadowing after affect on the screen when a game is playing(probably Amiberry v3.3, I added AmigaSYS4 mainly for the Internet only in a future release of PCUAE.