How to install PCUAE 1.5.1/1.6.0/1.7.1

Only read this if your having a problem with your USB Stick and installing PCUAE on it and its not working.

If you have installed PCUAE before and it works fine on your USB Stick then go a head and install it and go to the walkthrough below, if you have not installed PCUAE before then please check your USB Stick first before installing PCUAE, cause the carousel can be funny with some of them and PCUAE will not work on them, so make sure the USB Stick works with your machine first and you can see and load the files from it in Classic Mode first, then you can go thought the walkthrough with no problems.

If you have a problem with PCUAE not booting, it could be the USB Stick your using, you might need to try a different one, RGL recommend using a 32GB USB Stick with MBR boot sector, it does not work with GPT, a 64GB USB Stick is not recommended but does work but might not with PCUAE, PCUAE can be funny with some USB Sticks, but it cause of the way the Firmware reads the USB Sticks so it not really PCUAE thats doing it, its the carousel.

THEC64 Mini/Maxi and THEVIC20 does not like:

a) GPT – GUID Partition Table, it only works on a normal MBR – Master Boot Record
b) Bootable USB Sticks – It does not work on them, if at any time you have used the USB Stick as a Bootable Drive like in Rufus to boot the setup for Windows or Linux then it will not work with PCUAE, look below to fix it.

FOR Mac OS Users:

Mac OS X – If you copy the files manually with MAC OS X then it will not work, Mac OS X adds it own files (.DS files) and damages PCUAE and stops it booting properly.
Use Blue Harvest – to remove all the files that MacOS adds to the USB Stick that mess up PCUAE then it will work in your machine.

You can use Rufus to fix your USB Stick if THEC64 Mini/THEC64 Maxi/THEVIC20 can not read it or not read it properly or you have used it as a Bootable Drive.

Look here on how to fix it…


Now lets get on with getting PCUAE on your USB Stick.. 



About extracting the setup files manually, bypass this if you want to just run the setup files.

All setups files use WinRAR to compress them and all look the same, you can extract them to a folder on your PC or extract them straight to your USB Stick, if you like, they are compressed archives, you can use 7-Zip or Winrar to extract them, if you have 7-zip installed on your PC already then…

1. Right click on one of the setups and go up or down to 7-zip then click on Open archive/Extract files or Extract to “…” a folder with the same name as the setup.

2. It will then copy the content from the setup to a folder you picked on your PC, (PCUAE Standalone only) then copy the content in the folder to your USB Stick.

3. You can open the All In One setup archive with WinRAR or 7-zip and copy PCU Game Manager to a folder on your PC, you wish it to keep it in.

To Extract PCUAE Standalone Setup.exe to the USB Stick

1. Right click on PCUAE Standalone setups exe file and go up or down the dropdown list to 7-zip then click on Open archive, now open your USB Stick in File Explorer so you can see all files and folders(Carousel_Games, extragames folders and so on…) now select all the files in setup exe in 7-zip and drag the all files to File Explorer to the root of your USB Stick so release the mouse button over a file not folder.

2. Now wait for it to copy all files over to the USB Stick from the setup exe file from 7-zip, Once its finished it has copied PCUAE to your USB Stick, Eject the USB Stick first then you can put it in your machine.


PCUAE Walkthrough

If your on PCUAE 1.4.3 then deactivate Autoboot Mode first then copy your games folders to a safe place on you PC(they are in USB://Carousel_Games/Games folder) and remember where you put them for later, now delete all files on the USB Stick so it’s now empty.

Download PCUAE Standalone or All in One Version, whatever one you want to install from here Its free to download and you should not need to register to download it now, only register if your a PCUAE supporter.

Running the setup files.

To install All in One Version.

1. Click twice on it to run its setup, run it as admin(right click on setup.exe and click on ‘Run as Administrator’ in the drop down menu).

2. Change the drive to the one you want PCU Game Manager installed on or use default location ‘C:/Games’… Click on Browse button to change it.

3. Now click on install button to install PCU Game Manager to your PC… now wait for it to complete.

4. Once it has installed PCU Game Manager, the install for PCUAE will come up so just install it like you are installing the standalone version.

5. Continue reading from option 2 below to install PCUAE to your USB Stick from All In One version.

To install Standalone Version.

1. Click twice on it to run its setup, run it as admin(right click on setup.exe and click on ‘Run as Administrator’ in the drop down Menu).

2. Change drive letter to your USB Stick… Mine is Z letter, USB DRIVE (Z:), now click on Browse button to find your USB Stick, then press OK button.

3. Now click on install button to copy PCUAE to your USB Stick… now wait for it to complete, it may take a while, depends on how fast your USB Stick is, I recommend using a USB 3.0 or higher, then it will transfer the files quicker, you can even use a SD Card and SD Card reader if you want too, I use a SD Card with mine, it is a Atolla USB Hub, 3 USB ports with a SD card slot on it.

4. Once its closes the setup, its finished, it’s now installed on your USB Stick, If you want to add the Modes Packs, Atari and RetroArch Mode Packs then install them after the main install, install them the same way as above, then install The Carousel Game Pack and any other Game Packs you want to install too, if you do not want any games in the carousel then PCUAE will boot into `Firmware Mode`, PCUAE Mode will boot once you have added games to ‘USB://Carousel_Games/Games/’ folder. 
If you have upgraded from PCUAE 1.4.3, you can now add the games folders back from your save place to ‘USB://Carousel_Games/Games/’ folder, once thats done you can then put the USB Stick in your machine and will boot into PCUAE Mode, look at option 7 below on how to install a Mode or Game Pack.

REMEMBER… If no games in ‘USB://Carousel_Games/Games/’ folder then `Firmware Mode` will load instead of `PCUAE Mode`.

5. Remember to eject the USB Stick first before you remove it from your PC, now take out the USB Stick from the PC and plug it into your machine and turn it on, you can do this before you add the Games Pack to make sure PCUAE is working, now… turn on the machine  and you should see the firmware load up now and the carousel screen, you need to run a fake update thats on the USB Stick that part of PCUAE install, just like if you was going to updating the machine firmware, just in case you do not know how…   

To run PCUAE for the first time, you need to run a Fake Update from within the Carousel that in PCUAE on the root of the USB Stick…

Highlight `Spanner Icon`its Me… :)(Device Settings) then press Fire.

Then Highlight ‘System Information’ then press Fire again.

You will see a Fake Update in there called “theC64-9_9_90.bin”

Now Highlight ‘Apply’ and the press Fire for the last time, PCUAE will start and you should see two splash screens, RGL and then PCUAE splash screen, then it will boot into `Firmware Mode` if you have not downloaded The Carousel Games Pack(pcuae-the-carousel-games-pack-setup.exe) and copied it to your USB Stick, you can now use PCUAE like this, if you just want to use Classic Mode and VICE Mode only, some users do not like the carousel and want to use the machines how they was originally in 1980/1982, no carousel, so Basic screen only, PCUAE now supports this, thats why I made Vice Mode… :)

 If you select Classic Mode to boot up into, PCUAE Mode will now boot into that mode.

6. Now to activate Autoboot Mode so the other Modes work… :)

Press Menu+Right Fire button on THEC64 Joystick on TheCarousel(press Menu button down first then press Right Fire and hold both buttons down for 2 seconds, (CTRL+F7 does not work in `Firmware Mode`, it does in PCUAE Mode) to load PCUAE Option Menu.
Now press 7 on the keyboard to highlight Autoboot Mode option or use THEC64 Joystick to move the blue bar to option 7. 

Now press RETURN or Left Fire button…. and highlight Yes and press RETURN or Left Fire again.

Now highlight `Add/Remove Script` button on the screen, use Tab key or right fire button to switch buttons on the screen and press RETURN or Left Fire again… this will add the script to the firmware, just wait for it to finish and it will reboot the machine and Autoboot back into PCUAE.

Now turn the machine off and put the PCUAE USB Stick back in the PC.

7. How to Install a Mode or Game Pack

Now Download the other packs you want to add(The Carousel Games or Mode Packs), if you never did it when you downloaded PCUAE, download them NOW or add your games from PCUAE 1.4.3, copy them from your safe place you put them to USB://Carousel_Games/Games/ folder.

THE PCUAE Games Pack, It has all the games that were included in PCUAE originally, you do the same thing you did when you installed PCUAE – Standalone Setup.exe or PCUAE – All in One Setup.exe.
Click on it to run The PCUAE Games Pack setup, run it as admin(right click on setup.exe and click on ‘Run as Administrator’ in the drop down menu).

Change drive letter to your USB Stick… Mine is Z letter, now click on Browse button to find your USB Stick.

Now click on install button to copy THE PCUAE Games Pack to your USB Stick… now wait for it to complete… once it closes the setup file its finished.

8. Now eject the USB Stick first before you remove it for your PC, now take out the USB Stick from the PC and plug it into your machine and turn it on, and wait for PCUAE Mode to boot up, ones it does then you should see all the games on the carousel now and PCUAE Mode is now Activated.

You install a Mode Pack the same way as a Game Pack.

Remember to press CTRL+9 for The Help Menu, inside a mode, if you need help.

9. Main keys in PCUAE 1.7.1 have changed:

CTRL+F1 – The Help Menu.
CTRL+F3 – The Carousel Changer.
CTRL+F5 – The Mode Changer.
CTRL+F7 – The PCUAE Option Menu.

Other keys:
CTRL+SHIFT+F7 – The Carousel Gamelist Loader – it allows you to select a gamelist folder to load up on TheCarousel screen.

While your in a Mode:

The Mode F keys are

CTRL+F1 – The Help Menu
CTRL+F3 – Go back to PCUAE Mode
CTRL+F5 – Mode Changer Menu
(ATARI and RetroArch Modes will not have this shortcut key below)
CTRL+F7 – PCUAE Option Menu(PCUAE Mode) or VICE Configuration Menu(VICE Mode)



Hope this helps…